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Add a custom HTML error page to your web site

If your like me you want your web site to be as fluent as possible, and there is nothing worse than an ugly error 404 page not found, but don’t worry there is a simple fix. Learn how to create a custom 404 error page for your web site.

How to create a custom 404 page not found, error page.

If you are tired of looking at that ugly 404 error page that comes standard with your website, then your in luck. I have created the video below to show you how easy it is to create your own custom 404 error page to match the look and feel of your existing website. Did you know that by simply adding a custom 404 error page to your website you can actually retain individuals who have found a no longer existing page from your website in a search engine and gain their interest by presenting them with an error page with your websites information, also if someone types in a /incorrect page to your website a 404 error page can help them, by letting them know they are at your site but have entered a wrong page. Creating a custom 404 error page is free and easy and can greatly increase the professionalism of your website dramatically. Check out my custom 404 error page it will open in a new window.

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