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Congratulations! you made it to the second step of creating your web site. I am assuming you have already registered a domain name (mentioned in step one) since you are looking for a website hosting provider, if you have not registered a domain name yet then go back to the steps on how to build a website page.

Find a Web Hosting provider: Step 2

I have listed 10 great web hosting companies below to help get you pointed in the right direction. I usually purchase my web hosting with the same company I have registered my domain names with, but you can do it any way you like. OK so I have been asked this question from a few people: Who is you website hosted with? My domain name and web hosting is with I find there customer service and pricing is much better than most of the other companies I have experiences in the past.

Choosing a Server Type ( Windows or Linux)

I wanted to write this, because I know a lot of people get confused when choosing a server type. I would recommend for the average user to just select the Linux web hosting. For the average person designing a web site this will be compatible with more average user features and usually will accommodate all of your needs 99.9% of the time. I would only select the windows server option if you know for a fact that you will need this server type. Many people think just because they have a windows based computer that they need to choose the Windows option, but this is not true.

See a list of the Top Ten Web Hosting Companies

Click here to see the top ten web hosting companies.

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