Free web hosting

How can I get free web hosting? is a company I would highly recommend, because when you register a domain name with this company they will give you everything you need to get online – FREE with your domain name registration!

FREE, Each and every domain name comes with all you need to get online. The cost of your domain registration includes the following.

  • 5 page website with hosting
  • spam free email account
  • blog
  • photo album
  • and more all 100% FREE

Do you really want free web hosting?

Everyone wants something for free right? I know I do, if I can find it for free I will usually go that route, except for when it comes to free web hosting, let me tell you why. A lot of web hosting providers will give you free web hosting when you register a domain name. Now you might ask yourself why would I turn this down? And I say, let me show you the truth behind free web hosting offers.

Free Web Hosting Disadvantages

  • Number one disadvantage of free web hosting, search engines often ignore free web hosting space.
  • Free web hosting often comes with very limited space.
  • They can change the term on you at any time and try to charge you a fee.
  • limited or no interactive features such as (a blog, forum, chat rooms, message boards, online ordering etc.)
  • Free web hosting often has ads on your site, and you have no control of what they will be placing on your site.
  • Free web hosting ads make a web site look unprofessional and cheap.
  • Banners and/or pop up ads on all of your pages
  • No guarantees of site availability and longevity
  • Often comes with a hard to remember web address (instead of
  • No personalized or branded e-mail addresses (
  • Poor quality help and support (if any)

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