How to downgrade your Mac os from Lion back to Snow Leopard

I have recently discovered that there are some features in the new Mac OS Lion that I am not satisfied with so I went online and tried to figure out how to downgrade my iMac back to Snow Leopard I found that many people had difficulty in explaining how to do this, so I found a simple solution.

Instruction on how to downgrade from the new Lion OS back to the Snow Leopard OS

  1. Make sure you have a back up of all of your data (I used a 1 TB Seagate Go Flex)
  2. Plug in a wired keyboard. (You need to use a keyboard that plugs in to your computer, because the wireless keyboard will not work when trying to select your start up drive in step 4.)
  3. Insert your Snow Leopard install CD
  4. Restart your computer and hold down the Option key (this will bring up the start up disk selection screen)
  5. Follow the onscreen instruction and start the new install (their can take up to an hour so be patient)
If this article helped you with your issue please post a reply below. I hope this helps and if you discover a better way or a flaw in my instructions above please post a reply below so that we can help those in need.

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