How to clear FireFox Cache

Instructions on how to clear your cache in FireFox (I am using FireFox for Mac)

I have recently been having a lot of issues with my web browsers and the refresh web page on web sites that I am working on. This is extremely frustrating and time consuming when all I want to do is see the changes I made on my web site that I am working on. I tried Google Chrome and I could not figure out a way to clear the cache unless I reset reset and cleared everything and this is also a huge time block in my web development projects. I then tried to figure out how to clear the cache in Safari and the same thing I could not find any easy ways to get the cache to clear, so I did some research on Firefox and I found this article on how to clear the cache in fiefox as well as some settings to make the cache clear on a refresh. I think this did the trick but I am going to have to give it some time to see if it truly works. I hope it helps save you some hours of head ache that I have had to go through.

I also made a change not listed in the instructions under settings / advanced and checked the Override automatic cache management and set the limit to 0 MB of space.

Click the image to the left to see the settings I made in Firefox settings.

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