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How to Build a Website

Simple steps on how to Build a Website

Before you start building your website it is a good idea to learn some basic HTML and CSS. Learning this language is not all that hard you just need to set a little time aside and get down some of the basics. I don’t expect you to become a web programmer, but understanding the basics of HTML and CSS will help save you a lot of time later while you are designing your website. There are many ways to learn web design, but here are a few suggestions to help you get started.

Learn Web Design, invest some money in your education.

I have learned a great deal of web design, graphic design, video editing, photography and more from this web site offers a wide variety of video based tutorial training on web design, such as HTML basics and CSS training as well as training on how to use web design programs like Adobe Dreamweaver and more, Download Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 now. I highly recommend if you are serious about learning web design in its entirety.

Step 1. Buy a Domain Name

The first thing you are going to need to do in order to start building your website is to register a domain name. A domain name is an easy way for people to find your web site, because if you build a website on a server without a domain name you will have to give out your server IP address which is a series of numbers, and is not very easy to remember. A domain name simply points people to the server which your website resides on, so what is a domain name? A domain name is what ever you choose for example you will need to go to a domain name registrar and check the availability of the domain name you desire, and as long as the domain name you want is available available you can buy it. Check if your domain name is available here

Step 2. Purchase web hosting space?

Well you might be saying if I can get free web hosting then why would I pay for it. Well that’s a valid question, but as always if its free there more than likely there is a catch, but if you still decide to use the free web hosting space that comes with your domain name purchase assuming the company you purchased you domain name with provides it of course you will have advertisement on your website that you have no control of, so with that said I would opt for the paid hosting it is relatively affordable and you will have more space and control of your website. Web hosting now a days is about $35 a year and your domain name will be around $10, so $45 a year is not to bad.

Step 3. Decide what your web site functionality will be, and your target audience.

You have decided to build a website, but wait before you begin to build your site there are some very important questions you need to ask yourself. These questions will help you in choosing what type of website is right for you.

Books to help you learn how to use Dreamweaver to build your web site.


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