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What is the Index Page?

How do I set the home page for my web site?

Recently I was asked by a fellow student at school “how do I set my home page for a web site?” At first I did not know what he meant, because I thought it was just common knowledge that your home page is your index.html page,  but then it got me thinking about when I first started designing web sites and I remember asking that same question. I guess it had been so long ago that it just seemed like such an easy question, but it is exactly the opposite, because to a person that is brand new to building a web site this is a valid question, so let me explain this.

What is the index.html page in my web site?

Well most web hosting companies use this as your starting page, meaning that when someone types in then the first page that loads will be you index.html page, but you can call it what ever you like, so if you want to name this your home page on your navigation bar or menu then you can do so, but as the file name in the structure of your site where it reside on the server it should be named index.html I hope this helps to clarify for anyone that is new to web design.

If you have any further questions about this please feel free to post it in the comments below.

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