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Find your niche

How to find your niche when creating a web site

Well before I talk about finding your niche I think it is important to explain the definition of niche.

Definition of Niche: A specialized but profitable corner of the market.

Now that we have an understanding of what the word niche means I think it is pretty clear why you need to find your niche. How do you find your niche? The simple answer is try to get involved in something you are familiar with such as a product or service, and then try to find the type of market or people you would like to try and target your products and or services to, so basically the group of people who are more likely to need your products and or services. For example my website is geared towards guiding beginner web site creators towards the tools and resources that will help them in the process of creating their web site. I am recommending many of the products and services that I have used over the last 10 years of my career as a web designer, although I am no longer designing web site’s for other people I have found personal satisfaction in creating websites for myself and teaching others how to become self sufficient when it come to creating a web site, so this is my niche I enjoy sharing my knowledge of web design and this is the main purpose or niche of my site.

Helpful tools to help you find your niche

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