Customize your Word Press Theme

There are many ways to customize your WordPress web site using themes. When you first install WordPress it will have a very generic theme installed as your default template theme.

WordPress Theme Generator Software by Artisteer

If you would like to customize your own WordPress theme I would highly recommend using Artisteer Theme Generator, this is the software I used to design the theme for this web site as well as a number of other web sites that use word press as the underlying web site application or CMS.

Artisteer - WordPress Theme Generator

How to change your default theme in WordPress with one of the free templates available through WordPress.

To change the default theme in WordPress

  1. log in to your word press admin panel
  2. click on appearance
  3. click install themes
  4. click search
  5. browse through the free templates
  6. once you find the theme you want click install
  7. click activate

That’s it your done

How to Install a custom theme to your WordPress web site

  1. log in to your word press admin panel
  2. click on appearance
  3. click install themes
  4. click upload
  5. click choose file and navigate to your theme
  6. click install now
  7. click activate

That’s it your done.

Want to Purchase a Pre built WordPress theme?

Click here to browse available templates / themes for your Word Press web site.

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