What is Search and Discover?

I recently change my web hosting services from Godaddy.com to HostGator.com and I have been having an issue with a web page that keeps popping up in place of my web site. I contacted HostGator and they told me that this is probably happening due to the name servers have not fully propagated and to wait 48 to 72 hours, so it is now the third day and I am still having issues with this SearchAndDicover.com landing page. Hostgator.com also advised me to contact Godaddy.com to see if they could resolve the issue. I took their advice and called Godaddy and they told me that it is more than likely a Hostgator issue since the name servers are provided from HostGator so the bottom line is I have this searchanddiscover page that looks like a spam page popping up randomly on my websites while I am waiting for the name servers to propagate. I really wish someone one on either side could give me an answer to this problem so that it can be resolved. 

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WordPress Webhosting

Free web hosting

How can I get free web hosting?

Kiss My Domain is a company I would highly recommend, because when you register a domain name with this company they will give you everything you need to get online – FREE with your domain name registration!

Free Web Hosting with Domain Name Registration

FREE, Each and every KissMyDomain.com domain name comes with all you need to get online. The cost of your domain registration includes the following.

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Do you really want free web hosting?

Everyone wants something for free right? I know I do, if I can find it for free I will usually go that route, except for when it comes to free web hosting, let me tell you why. A lot of web hosting providers will give you free web hosting when you register a domain name. Now you might ask yourself why would I turn this down? And I say, let me show you the truth behind free web hosting offers.

Free Web Hosting Disadvantages

  • Number one disadvantage of free web hosting, search engines often ignore free web hosting space.
  • Free web hosting often comes with very limited space.
  • They can change the term on you at any time and try to charge you a fee.
  • limited or no interactive features such as (a blog, forum, chat rooms, message boards, online ordering etc.)
  • Free web hosting often has ads on your site, and you have no control of what they will be placing on your site.
  • Free web hosting ads make a web site look unprofessional and cheap.
  • Banners and/or pop up ads on all of your pages
  • No guarantees of site availability and longevity
  • Often comes with a hard to remember web address (instead of www.MakeMoneyOnlineKMD.com)
  • No personalized or branded e-mail addresses (you@www.imagineyoursitenamehere.com)
  • Poor quality help and support (if any)